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The creation of La Maison is a result of a heartfelt passion for French and European design, as well as an appreciation of elegance, beauty, artistic expression and fine craftsmanship. We showcase a variety of unique and fantastic high-end furnishings and exceptional home décor that we are certain will accentuate your personal style. 


We understand the artistic process of design and are here to lend our expertise to help you create warm and elegant spaces in your home.


A message from Char Sudenga, the founder of La Maison Fine Home Furnishings...


My passion for design is greatly influenced by French and European style. I’ve transitioned this passion into curating an ample collection of locally found home furnishings, antiques and décor, both consigned pieces and personal finds.


I’m always striving for more to fulfill the needs of our wonderful guests! I’m always listening and always seeking unique and spectacular furnishings, stunning accessories, and custom pieces to add to the experience of ‘La Maison.’ I thoroughly appreciate the art of selecting fine furnishings that create fantastic style and warmth for your home.


I sincerely hope you will find that La Maison will make the list of one of your most inspirational and favorite places to visit and enjoy!


~Char Sudenga

La Maison Showcase
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